April 16, 2024

Father of Adriana Kuch speaks out following daughter’s death after bullying, calls for laws to protect kids

Michael Kuch, father of Adriana Kuch, joined “Lawrence Jones Cross Country” to call for accountability following the death of his daughter after suffering from bullying in school and online.


LAWRENCE JONES: What do you want to happen?

MICHAEL KUCH: I want laws put in place that these kids are prosecuted for making, posting and sharing these videos. I would love it if these kids were not even allowed to have a phone in school. I mean, that would stop this, because there’s a culture where these kids think it’s fun.

JONES: Michael, do you fear that there are more Adrianas at that school?

KUCH: I know there are more Adrianas at that school. I can tell you that what I’ve learned since my daughter passed is, there’s Adrianas all over the country. This isn’t just a Central problem. It’s a country problem.

JONES: If Adriana was still with us today, what would she say?

KUCH: She loved everybody. She wanted to be around everybody, and she would tell you that she was humiliated. She would tell you that she’s always been someone that stood up for other people. There’s a touching story that a mother reached out to me, she has an autistic son named Joe-Joe, and they used to take Adriana to the special needs class to help out because Joe-Joe was so in love with Adriana, and he only wanted to be around her… One year ago today, Joe-Joe gave her a card and a flower, and this is a kid who doesn’t want to be around anybody. All he wanted to do was be around Adriana. I mean, eighth grade β€” what kind of an eighth-grade, 13-year-old girl has that kind of impact on someone like Joe-Joe’s life?Β 

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